Letter Y The April A to Z Blogging Challenge #AtoZChallenge

April Author Spotlight 2015

Letter ‘Y’ is for Laura Taylor author of Desert Rose


Why do I recommend Desert Rose?

Sometimes reading makes me feel guilty of pure escapism based on totally imaginary scenarios, like being on a holiday on a desert island, without a care in the world, with a sexy hero by my side. I enjoyed losing myself in this powerful and unusual love story, which starts off in a prison, in the middle of a war in the Middle East, and ends up back in the safety of a quiet small town.

I loved the way the tension was built up between David and Emma, who were in separate prison cells, and I was enthralled by the love story which gradually developed between the US aviator and a humanitarian worker, building up to the steamy sex scenes which would have greatly shocked readers of Jane Austen, although, I dare add, not readers of Jane Eyre, who are more understanding of strong passions.

Desert Rose has believable and likeable characters. You’ll enjoy it if you’re in the mood for a well written steamy romance. It’s a treat: for pleasure only.


What’s your book about, Laura?

I think the best way in which to describe DESERT ROSE is to share with your blog readers the Romantic Times Book Review summary of my novel:

DESERT ROSE (Warrior Series – Book #1)

Contemporary Series Romance with a Military Hero.

“A firecracker of a book from Laura Taylor! In the beautifully written DESERT ROSE, a downed pilot imprisoned in the Middle East learns the true meaning of love when a lovely humanitarian relief worker is thrown into the next cell. Ms. Taylor brings more than one tear to the eye as she brilliantly depicts the very high price sometimes asked of individuals in the name of higher causes. But it is the joy of her lovers’ triumph over their adversity that will linger with you always.”

Romantic Times Book Awards for DESERT ROSE:

  1. Reviewer’s Choice Certificate of Excellence for Best Series Romance Novel;
  2. Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Bantam Loveswept Novel of the Year.

I believe that DESERT ROSE, as well as the three other novels in the WARRIOR SERIES, will appeal to readers of sensual contemporary military romance.

Perhaps the thing that sets the entire WARRIOR SERIES apart from most books in this genre is the fact that it is my personal tribute to the military men and women who sacrifice and serve across the globe. Both my father and my late husband served in the military, and it’s my love for them that is reflected in the heroes I’ve created for heroines of DESERT ROSE, MIDNIGHT STORM, HEARTBREAKER, and MORE THAN FRIENDS, the four romance novels that comprise the WARRIOR SERIES.

Warrior Series

What are you working on now?

I think my answer will surprise you! My schedule in recent weeks has been hectic, and I imagine it will continue in that vein for many more weeks to come. I’m currently monitoring the French translation for DESERT ROSE, I’m assisting the Chinese translators who are handling the translations for all four of the books in the WARRIOR SERIES, and I’m completing the first edit of my next book, which will be released mid-summer.


What would you like readers to know about you?

I would like readers to know that I appreciate them. I appreciate their many years of loyalty and encouragement as my writing career has unfolded. I appreciate their praise when they take the time to review my books. In particular, I appreciate the fact that they inspire me to always strive to be my best and to write classic love stories that affirm our collective belief in the attainment of a true and lasting love.

As a thank you to readers and as an introduction to the WARRIOR SERIES, DESERT ROSE is free for Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook, Apple, KOBO, and Smashwords. Additional contemporary romance titles available at your favorite ebookstore: MIDNIGHT STORM, HEARTBREAKER, MORE THAN FRIENDS, FALLEN ANGEL, WILDER’S WOMAN, MOMENT BY MOMENT, WARRIOR SERIES Boxed Set, THE CHRISTMAS GIFT, ANTICIPATION, SEDUCTION, SURRENDER, SUBLIME, and the LOVE AT THE BEACH Boxed Set.

And I hope you will accept my sincere thanks, Luccia, for your kind invitation to visit with your blog readers.

How can we learn more or contact you?

DESERT ROSE (Warrior Series, Book 1) ~ 4.5 stars on 47 reviews







My Blog         





Thank you so much for your visit, Laura, it’s been great to have you featured on today’s Author Spotlight. I look forward to reading your next book this summer, because I’ve read almost all the others!


Please take some time to check out some of the other blogs on the A-Z Challenge. There are plenty of interesting and varied topics.



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    1. Well, it’s not really about war, as such. It’s a love story where a war is the setting 🙂 It does bring up issues such as how war or a stressful situation can easily make people make wrong decisions, ir can forge lasting love…


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