Letter Z The April A to Z Blogging Challenge #AtoZChallenge

April Author Spotlight 2015

Letter ‘Z’ is for Ava Zavora author of Dear Adam.


Why do I recommend Dear Adam?

The closest I ever came to a computer or mobile phone before the age of 30 was while watching Star Trek! But like most of my versatile generation, I caught on quickly, so now I’m a proud and proficient user of social networks and digital communications, that’s why I’ve been waiting to read a book like Dear Adam for some time.

I admire Ava’s bravery in daring to experiment with the traditional layout of a novel, because the majority of the dialogue takes the form of twitter messages, PM, emails, and telephone conversations on Skype.

The novel also addresses contemporary issues of new kinds of social interaction, and how friendships and romantic relationships can flourish without any kind of physical contact, rendering the participants vulnerable to lies and scams, or unprecedented opportunities and lasting relationships.

There’s no getting away from the Byronic Hero, although I’m not complaining, just wondering where they’re hidden in real life. Adam is mysterious, magnanimous, wealthy, and wicked, but he has an endearing quality: he loves our heroine, so we can overlook all his flaws, can’t we?

There are two endings. I much prefer the second, because it improved the whole experience of reading by presenting an inspiring grand finale, where fiction and metafiction challenged me, as the reader, to decide what I had been reading, and what the final outcome would be.

If you’d like to read an innovative and thought-provoking novel, which also has all the traditional elements, such as a neat plot, real characters, and diverse geographical settings, then this is the book for you.

Dear Adam

What is Dear Adam about, Ava?

Dear Adam is about a book blogger who meets her soul mate online and falls in love with him sight unseen. Adam is everything Eden has ever dreamt of but soon she begins to doubt his truthfulness. Is Adam too good to be true or is the truth more startling than fiction?

Those who are drawn to epistolary novels or movies such as “You’ve Got Mail” and “The Lake House” will love Dear Adam. Quite a few readers have remarked how it is different from every other romance novel they’ve ever read and the intensity of feelings Eden and Adam’s story has aroused in them. I believe that most readers see themselves in Eden, who’s bookish, smart, and independent, yet yearning for a love story right out of a novel. Her relationship with Adam has an old-fashioned appeal with a modern twist of tweets and e-mails instead of letters by post – without foregoing the scorching, sensual elements.

What are you working on now?

I am in the midst of what I affectionately refer to as my bane, an epic fantasy/historical novel I have been writing and rewriting for five years now. Although I have reworked the plot several times, the bones of my novel are comprised of Alexander the Great, the Amazons, and a lost treasure of supernatural origin. I’ve made a devil’s pact with myself to finish it before working on anything else. Hence, I haven’t published anything new in a long while.

AZ - Copy

What would you like readers to know about you?

I’m wildly romantic, secretly believe in fairy tales but outwardly throw up a sarcastic façade, can eat a whole tin of anchovies, laugh hysterically at inane jokes made by 8-year-olds, drown my sorrows in a can of Fanta, recently developed a fascination for fedoras and floppy hats that veil me in mystery, and will likely be fatally injured by the teetering towers of books in my home that form a hazardous labyrinth.

How can we know more or contact you? 

My website




Dear Adam on Amazon.com and Amazon UK


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