#AtoZChallenge Round Up Featured Authors

I’ve finished my A-Z Challenge and I’d like to thank all the wonderful authors I featured.

Firstly, I’d like to thank them for writing wonderful thought-provoking books.



You made me think about love, good and evil, forgiveness and vengeance, relationships, our history, our future. You also made me laugh and cry, feel angry and happy, you frightened me and entertained me, but overall you made me think about myself, because every book I read teaches me something about myself as person and as a writer.

Secondly I’d like to thank you for being kind enough to answer my questions and visit my blog. It was a pleasure to have you.

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I really appreciate the support, because although the spotlights were for you, I was also being implicitly supported as a blogger and writer. Thank you for trusting me to feature you.

Here are all my wonderful featured authors and their blogs.

They have all written wonderful books which have inspired me in the last six months. Check them out!

Ava Zavora her website

Laura Taylor her Blog    

Faith Mortimer her Website/blog

Alison Williams her Blog

Erica Stevens her Amazon page

Mark Rubinstein his Website

Terry Tyler her Blog

Olga Nuñez Miret her blog

Jo Robinson  her Blog

Karen Long her Blog

Dominic Piper his Amazon Author Page

Lara Ormiston her My Blog

Noelle Granger her blog

Matt Cairns his  Blog 

Geoff Le Pard his blog:

June Kearns his Website  

Regina Jeffers her Website  

Ita Ryan her Amazon author page

Elizabeth Hein her blog

Georgia Rose her  Website and Blog

Fran Clark her blog

Frances Evesham her Website/blog

Davis Burnett his Blog

Cathrina Constantine her Blog

Ben Adams his website and blog 

Loreen Auguri her blog


You can also check out their interviews and featured books here on my blog.

Published by LucciaGray

Writer, blogger, teacher, reader and lover of words wherever they are. Author of The Eyre Hall Trilogy, the breathtaking sequel to Jane Eyre. Luccia lives in sunny Spain, but her heart's in Victorian London.

22 thoughts on “#AtoZChallenge Round Up Featured Authors

  1. Hi Luccia – thanks again for including me in your wonderful April list! Just a thing – the blog link for my blog doesn’t work, here it is again (my personal blog), if you want to change it but I don’t suppose it really matters that much! http://www.terrytyler59.blogspot.co.uk/

    Now – enjoy your writing time and I hope that second one goes well! xx

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