#3linethursday: The Clown’s Trunk

This post was written in response to this weeks’ Three Line Thursday prompt. Three lines, 30 words maximum.

            Photo by Boris


The Clown’s Trunk

Lipstick smeared on bruised lips. Blackened tears.
‘Let’s play,’ He said, then pointed.
‘Would you unlock the trunk, my dear?’


Clowns are such sinister characters, and well, their trunks, they’re just the most sinister objects on earth!

I can’t remember exactly, but I’m sure I was afraid of clowns as a child, and I still find them spooky to say the least. Who doesn’t?

I’m really curious about this trunk, ‘though. What’s inside? Funny tricks or more scary props?

In yesterday’s post it was Eve haunting my subconscious, and today it’s Pandora’s Box stalking me.  Quite by chance (I suppose), I also received a message from an unknown admirer who compared me to Eve! Is there a message for me there?

Like life itself, we never know what’s in store, good or bad, and we can bank on having our share of both, sooner or later!

At the moment things are good. No serious health problems for anyone in the family. Work’s fine. Book one and two are doing well, and book three’s on the way (my expectations are modest).

I can’t complain, but I’m not ready to open the trunk and look inside…

Are you?

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I’m the proud winner of this edition! Here’s my badge to prove it 🙂

Year Two Week Five Winner: Luccia Gray

I Won a print copy of Light Lines!

“This was terrifying. Well done to the author. I can see the creepy face and feel the panic. A perfect tale for the picture…and now I can’t sleep. ” Judge’s Thoughts.

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