#3linethursday: #Waiting For You

This post was written in response to this weeks’ Three Line Thursday prompt. Three lines, 30 words maximum.

          Thank you Kristen for the Photo Prompt


Waiting For You

I watched you leave while showers of tears

Streamed down my face. ‘Come back, my love.’ 

I’ll wait here ’til the sun disappears.


That is the one I published on Three Line Thursday, but I toyed with sending this one:

I watched you leave while showers of tears
Streamed down my face. ‘Come back.’ I’ll wait here
Until the sun disappears. 

Or this one:

I watched you leave while showers of tears
Streamed down my face. I’ll stay here
Until the sun dries my fears

Which one do you prefer and why?

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You all know Emily Dickinson’s short poems are favourites of mine. Well here’s one about waiting.

To wait an Hour—is long—
If Love be just beyond—
To wait Eternity—is short—
If Love reward the end— 

We spend much of our lives waiting for something or someone: the kettle to boil, the children to come home, the bus to arrive, the computer to start-up, the play to start, holidays to start, the plane to leave, the message to arrive…

I agree with Emily Dickinson, waiting isn’t such a bad thing, if what you’re waiting for is worth the wait!

Since I have my kindle app on my phone, I quite look forward to waiting, actually. Don’t you?

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5 thoughts on “#3linethursday: #Waiting For You

  1. On a humorous side, my husband once calculated that we spend three hours of our lives waiting at red lights. Just thought camping out at a red light for three years to eliminate them forever might be worth the wait!

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  2. I like the inclusion of “my love” in the version you choose. I think it adds extra meaning. I also like the poem by Emily Dickinson. I used to love reading her poems. Have done so for a long time now. Maybe I will again one day.

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