#3linethursday: #Waiting For You

This post was written in response to this weeks’ Three Line Thursday prompt. Three lines, 30 words maximum.


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Waiting For You

I watched you leave while showers of tears

Streamed down my face. ‘Come back, my love.’ 

I’ll wait here ’til the sun disappears.


That is the one I published on Three Line Thursday, but I toyed with sending this one:

I watched you leave while showers of tears
Streamed down my face. ‘Come back.’ I’ll wait here
Until the sun disappears. 

Or this one:

I watched you leave while showers of tears
Streamed down my face. I’ll stay here
Until the sun dries my fears

Which one do you prefer and why?

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You all know Emily Dickinson’s short poems are favourites of mine. Well here’s one about waiting.

To wait an Hour—is long—
If Love be just beyond—
To wait Eternity—is short—
If Love reward the end— 

We spend much of our lives waiting for something or someone: the kettle to boil, the children to come home, the bus to arrive, the computer to start-up, the play to start, holidays to start, the plane to leave, the message to arrive…

I agree with Emily Dickinson, waiting isn’t such a bad thing, if what you’re waiting for is worth the wait!

Since I have my kindle app on my phone, I quite look forward to waiting, actually. Don’t you?

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What happens when a writer prefers reading to writing?

It’s the first Wednesday of March!

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What happens when a writer prefers reading to writing?

I’m a writer, but before being a writer, I was a reader.

I’m still a reader. In fact, I think I’ll always prefer reading to writing.

I blame my kindle app, which I have downloaded onto my three devices. I always carry all my books with me. I’ve even read entire books on my smart phone, if no other device was available to me at the time.

I prefer the app to the Kindle device because I don’t like the pixellated page turns. The app on my devices is great, the page turns smoothly, and I can choose font size, brightness, and background colour. I love sepia, it’s so kind to my eyes. I can go backwards or forwards easily, look up or highlight words, and even make comments, quickly and easily.

It is undoubtedly my most valuable possession, although the app itself is free, and the books are very cheap and plentiful. I have always loved reading, and now it’s just so easy, quick, and cheap. I can buy any book with a click and start reading comfortably wherever I am immediately. It’s heaven!

When people tell me they haven’t got a Kindle, the app, or that they don’t read ebooks, I feel so sorry for them. They’re missing out on so much pleasure! Most of the self-published or Indie books I’ve read have been just as good as books published by publishing houses. I have come across a few I didn’t enjoy, or were in need of serious editing, but they are a very small percentage.

There are few surprises. I read the burb, some comments, and then ‘Look Inside’ and that’s enough for me to know whether I’ll like it or not. I’ve been misled only very rarely. Basically, I know what I’m buying. It’s what I like to read, and want to read, and it usually costs between nothing and the price of a tall latte, for hours of pleasure!

I travel in time and space, see places, meet people, and experience emotions beyond my real life, almost every day.

Just in case you were wondering, I also read and carry paperbacks, too, especially if I’m going away for the weekend for example, just in case I might need the feel of paper… but I read 90% on my kindle, and that’s not going to change soon.

My only complaint is that there aren’t enough minutes in the day to read all the books I have on my kindle! I’m convinced reading helps me be a better writer and a happier person, but all that glitters is not gold…

To answer my initial question: What happens when a writer prefers reading to writing?

  1. Reading distracts me from my writing. Sounds like a bad thing, but sometimes I need to set my writing aside, breathe, and read something different. I’m also convinced every book I read teaches me something about the craft.
  2. Reading also humbles me. There are so many great books out there to read, why would anyone want to read mine? I’m just a drop in the ocean.

Oh dear 😦 I’ve just finished a great book. I’m happy :), but now I feel so insecure:(  

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