#FridayBookShare The Venetian by @Shani_Struthers #FridayReads

#FridayBookShare was created by Shelley Wilson for book lovers to share what they’re reading. The idea is to answer a few simple questions about the novel and post on Fridays.

Today, I’d like to share The Venetian, by Shani Struthers. It’s a paranormal mystery set in Venice.

First line of the book.

Touching down on Venetian soil, Louise grabbed her husband’s arm.

Recruit fans by adding the book blurb.

From the author of the bestselling Psychic Surveys series, comes a brand new series of STANDALONE books, set in and around the world’s most haunted places and blending fact with fiction. In Book One discover Venice, ‘the world’s most haunted city’ and Poveglia, in the Venetian Lagoon, ‘the world’s most haunted island’ – if you dare! Perfect for fans of Dennis Lehane’s Shutter Island, Susan Hill’s The Woman in Black and du Maurier’s Don’t Look Now.

‘Welcome to the asylum…’

Their troubled past behind them, married couple, Rob and Louise, visit Venice for the first time together, looking forward to a relaxing weekend. Not just a romantic destination, it’s also the ‘most haunted city in the world’ and soon, Louise finds herself the focus of an entity she can’t quite get to grips with – a ‘veiled lady’ who stalks her.

After marrying young Venetian doctor, Enrico Sanuto, Charlotte moves from England to Venice, full of hope for the future. Home though is not in the city; it’s on Poveglia, in the Venetian lagoon, where she is set to work in an asylum, tending to those that society shuns. As the true horror of her surroundings reveals itself, hope turns to dust.

From the labyrinthine alleys of Venice to the twisting, turning corridors of Poveglia, their fates intertwine. Vengeance only waits for so long…

Introduce the main character using only three words.

Louise is sensitive, insecure, and troubled.

Delightful design (add the cover image of the book).

Audience appeal (who would enjoy reading this book?)

Readers who have an open mind regarding paranormal happenings, and enjoy reading chilling mysteries including ghosts will love The Venetian. It’s also suitable for people who love Venice, and historical fiction, because part of the novel deals with events which happened on a Venetian island in the 19th century. 

Your favourite line/scene.

It all starts with a painting in the hotel where Louise and Rob are staying. There is something about it that haunts Louise… 

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