#NationalPoetryMonth ‘Let it Flow’ #inspiration #amwriting #poem

Today I offer you a poem I’ve written for one of my best friends, artist Anna Overbury Sujar. We were recently sitting by the beach, chatting about inspiration and the process of creating a picture or a poem.

When I returned home, I wrote this poem for her, for me, for you, for everyone who creates art.

I hope you enjoy it!

Anna Overbury Sujar, in her studio.


Let it Flow by Luccia Gray.

Push away your fear,

Ignore your doubts,

Let it flow.

Loosen your arms,

Relax your hand,

Let it flow.

Capture the moment

You saw the light,

Let it flow.

Feel the grandeur,

Bathed in gratitude,

Let it flow.

Channel your magic,

Connect with the awe,

Let it flow.

Pick up your brush,

Awaken the fairy,

Let it flow.

Let the brush slide,

Over your canvas,

Let it flow.

Blend the colours into sound,

Melt the music into movement,

Let it flow.

For Anna Overbury Sujar.


Anna Overbury Sujar at home with one of her beautiful mosaics.


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