Ink and Blood #Poems inspired by #Poet T. S. Elliot #Bornonthisday

Blood and Ink

You ask me why I write

And I answer, frankly,

To shed the excess blood

Threatening to drown me

If I stop spilling it

Wildly, mercilessly,

Over the blank, white page,

Begging to be tinted  

With the secrets of my soul.


T. S. Elliot was born on this day, 26th of September, in the year 1888. His famous quote, ‘The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink’, reminds us that writing a poem is often a painful and emotional, soul searching experience.

Find out more and read some of his wonderful poems here 

By Lady Ottoline Morrell. Public Domain.

Writers translate feelings into syllables and words which are painstakingly plucked from our conscious and subconscious minds and poured onto a blank page.

As I wrote in a previous post, writing a peom is, ‘excruciating, disturbing, and always frustrating, but there’s no alternative. It’s the only option for the poet, condemned to pursue that perfect combination of phrases, sounds and emotions, she will never find.’

And yet, it is cathartic. There is peace, for a while, when a poem is completed. And then, we begin again, because the search for the perfect poem may be closer, but it is never over, is it?



Writers in #Autumn #Tanka

Writers in Autumn

Season of Memories,
Weighing heavy on our hearts,
Bursting to be told,
Minds whirl with inspiration,
Words pour out like aged wine.

Welcome back to my blog!

I hope you’ve been coping well with the uncertain and unexpected times we’ve all had to deal with.

Some challenging situations have come my way, as well as the epidemic we’re all coping with, fortunately the storm is ebbing, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

However, not everything which has required my undivided attention has been disheartening, I’ve also had the joy and privilege of meeting my fifth grandchild, Marcos, who is a real blessing for our family.

I always feel a bit nostalgic in September, after the long summer months and change of season, but I also have lots of new projects on the go, which I’ll be sharing with you shortly.

Meanwhile, stay safe and be happy!



#SundayWalks ‘Even in Winter’ #Haiku #HappyNewYear

Even in winter,

Yellow daisies shine like gold,

Smiling at frail sun.

Even in winter,

Tired leaves fall from dry branches,

Shining on pavement.

Even in winter,

Vibrant green-leaved bushes hide

Red flowers gleaming.

Even in winter,

Bare trees stretch, because they know

Spring’s not far away.

Photos taken this weekend walking around Fuengirola, Malaga.

Happy winter walking!