#FridayReads ‘Magnate’ and ‘Baron’ Books 1&2 Knickerbocker Series by @JoannaShupe #amreading #amreviewing #Histfic

If you’re looking for a character driven, historical romance, set in New York at the end of the 19th century, this is a wonderful book to get lost in this weekend.

Emmet  Cavanaugh, who was born in the slums of New York and has worked his way up to being one of the richest men in the city, is the only man in Elizabeth Sloane’s circle of friends and acquaintances who believes in her and supports her professional ambitions. However, Emmet has a heavy chip on his shoulder, and he has great difficulty trusting anyone, including the woman he loves. Meet them both in Magnate, by Joanna Shupe.

Elizabeth is a member of one of New York’s oldest and most respected families, who is more interested in working in the Stock Exchange than marrying another wealthy New Yorker. She turns to Emmet, to support her venture, as her brother and his friends don’t believe in her ability, or support the fact that a rich lady as herself should work like a man.

I couldn’t put this book down, the setting, the characters, the suspense, and the romance, had me hooked. I felt as if I were walking the streets of New York, at the end of the 19th century, in the Gilded Age. The author has vividly recreated the life of the rich and poorer residents of New York of the time.


Baron, book two in the Knickerbocker Club Series, tells the love story between William Sloane, Elizabeth’s snobbish brother, a railroad Baron born into one of New York’s most respected families, and Ava Jones, otherwise known as, Madam Zolikoff, the spiritist.  

I thoroughly enjoyed this second instalment of the Knickerbocker series, a historical romance set in 19th century New York.

A medium, bringing up her orphaned siblings single-handedly, a New York State senator and gubernatorial candidate, politicians, the elite of NY, the crooks, all become involved in political and financial dealings. The atmosphere of New York’s Gilded Age comes across on every page.

Amidst it all, an unlikely and passionate love story between a woman who is forced to lie for a living and New York’s most eligible, proud and privileged bachelor.

For readers who enjoy historical romance with a thrilling plot and captivating characters.

If you love realistic, well-written, steamy, historical romance, you’ll love this series. As you can Imagine, Mogul, book three, is already on my kindle, waiting to be devoured.


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