#Writephoto ‘Feast on the Sunset’ Thursday Photo Prompt #amwriting #Poem

This poem was written in response to Sue Vincent’s weekly Thursday Photo Prompt. Check out Sue’s wonderful blog for more information. 


Feast on the Sunset

Sip the joy,

Swallow the pain,

Savour the love,

Slowly drink the sun,

Smell the bliss,

Feast on your life.


Sink into the beauty,

Sail through the sorrow,

Search in the sky,

Spray with the sea,

Stay still in your soul,

Feast on yourself.


Sprint through the struggle,

Soar through the storm,

Slide like a swan,

Swing to the stars,

Sing your survival,

Feast on your story.


Stroke the sky,

Sprinkled with sunrise,

Sway with the scars,

Search for silence,

Start your script and

Feast on the sunset.


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About LucciaGray

Writer, blogger, teacher, reader and lover of words wherever they are. Author of The Eyre Hall Trilogy, the breathtaking sequel to Jane Eyre. Luccia lives in sunny Spain, but her heart's in Victorian London.

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  1. Well that’s a cracker Lucy I must say … love the assenance of that

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  2. I love this one, Lucy… it sounds as if it should be sung.

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  3. I agree Sue, lifted my heart totally! One of my faves now. Made me feel good. (Isn’t poetry just amazing???)

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  4. Excellent Luccia, love the use of repetition…

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  5. I’ll try to get through your list in the course of this weekend 🙂

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  6. What joy you encourage 🤗

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  7. Beautiful. And great take on the photo prompt. 💖

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