#NaPoWriMo Day 3 ‘Roads’ #poetrymonth #April #Poems #Tanka ‘Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge’


National Poetry Writing Month is a poetry writing challenge to write a poem a day, which takes place every year in April. Follow the link to find out more, be inspired, get daily prompts and meet other poets!

Day 3 poem, Roads, was inspired by Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge. This week the topic is Roads: country, freeways, streets, dirt. Cee has plenty of inspiring weekly challenges on her blog. Check them out!


Some roads lead to work,

Others take you straight back home.

The best routes of all,

Uncover the unexplored,

Secret corners of your soul.


Writing poetry is taking a journey into your mind and soul. It’s the place where conscious and subconscious images and thoughts melt into rhythmic words and suggestive lines…


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