Blood Moon at Eyre Hall, Book One in The Eyre Hall Series, is available for #Preorder on Amazon! #Victorian #Gothic #Romance #ARC

Relive the mystery and magic of Jane Eyre in this thrilling Victorian Gothic Romance.

Twenty-one years after her marriage to Edward Rochester, Jane is coping with the imminent death of her bedridden husband, and the revelation of more secrets. A disheartened Jane believes matters cannot get worse until an unexpected visitor brings news of Bertha Mason, the first Mrs Rochester, which add to Jane’s devastation, as the ghosts of Thornfield Hall return to torment her.

From the Blurb

News of Rochester’s ill health reaches Richard Mason in Jamaica. He has unfinished business with Edward Rochester, his deceased sister, Bertha Mason’s husband.
Richard returns to the Rochester estate to torment an already distraught Jane with disturbing demands and the revelation of more dark secrets from the attic at Thornfield Hall.

Blood Moon at Eyre Hall is Book One of The Eyre Hall Series. Its multiple narrators explore the evolution of the original characters, and bring to life new and intriguing ones, spinning a unique and absorbing narrative.

The Eyre Hall Trilogy has Become a Series

Blood Moon at Eyre Hall takes place a few months before the original trilogy, between July and October 1865, and leads up to the first chapter of All Hallows at Eyre Hall.

The original first novel, which is now Book Two, All Hallows at Eyre Hall, takes place in October and November 1865 and remains essentially the same as the first edition, with some minor improvements and adjustments.

The original second novel Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall, which is now Book Three in the series is also essentially the same as the first edition with some minor improvements.

Both novels, All Hallows and Twelfth Night have been re-edited and will be republished on 22nd of August, Blood Moon at Eyre Hall’s Publication Day. So the first three novels in the series will be available on 22nd of August.

The Eyre Hall Series

What if you’ve already read the original trilogy?

Readers who have already read the original trilogy have asked me about the new reading order of the series. This is what I suggest:

1- Read Blood Moon at Eyre Hall to get some more back story to All Hallows at Eyre Hall. (Of course you could go straight to Book Four, Thunder Moon at Eyre Hall, to be published in November, but it’s a pity to miss out on Blood Moon, it’s a fabulous book with some revealing insights to the characters and what happens next in the series, and you can get an ARC copy, just ask!)

After reading Blood Moon at Eyre Hall you can either re-read All Hallows and Twelfth Night if you read them a long time ago and feel you need to refresh your memory, or jump straight into Book Four, Thunder Moon at Eyre Hall which will be published in November (ARC copies will be available a month earlier).

Would you like to read an Advanced Reader Copy in exchange for an honest review?

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#HappyHalloween #FullMoon

I hope you’re all having a Happy Halloween, in spite of the restrictions in most parts of the world. There’s a 10pm curfew in Spain, where I live, so no partying this year.

In fact I’m staying at my mum’s house in a tiny village in the mountians of Cantabria, in the north of Spain, so it is very quiet here. It’s definitely a very different Halloween to the boistrous ones I’ve usually had at school and with my grandchildren.

English Teachers with a cauldron, preparing for their act! A few years ago!

But, on the other hand, there’s a full moon, and I have a spectacular view from my window!

I’ll have to wait until I get home, in a few days, to review my monthly goals and plan ahead, as I do on most full moons.

It’s also a special day for me as it’s the title of my first novel and the first book in the Eyre Hall Trilogy, All Hallows at Eyre Hall, which owes its name to the fact that the action takes place on and around Halloween.

That’s why I usually have book promotions around this time, and as I’m an independent author, which means I’m a one-woman show, I do all the marketing myself, which is fun and empowering, but also exhausting and nerve racking!

I’ve done my first ever free promotion this year and I have no idea how it’s going to work out, but I’ll let you know next week.

By the way, in case you didn’t know, all the passion, suspense, secrets, betrayals, villains, and romance, in Book One of The Eyre Hall TrilogyAll Hallows at Eyre Hall, will be free for the first time on Kindle Deals, for five days only, to coincide with the Halloween Weekend, from 29th October to the 2nd November, 2020. So if you haven’t done so already, download your free copy now!

Thirty-four reasons to listen to #Audiobooks #ThemeReveal #AtoZchallenge @Audible @Scribd

I almost always review the books I read wherever I’ve downloaded them, usually that’s Audible, Amazon or Scribd, but I don’t always post all my reviews on my blog, and as I have a backlog of audiobooks to review, I’ve decided to post an audiobook review every day during this years’ April AtoZBloggingChallenge.

According to Audible, I’m an expert listener because I’ve read and reviewed 120 audiobooks, and spent one month, twelve days and ten hours listening to audiobooks over the last three years. That’s a lot of books and a long time listening, so now I’m going to tell you why I love reading audiobooks and give you 34 reasons why should try them, too!

1. The first reason is that it makes housework appealing. Not many people enjoy doing housework, but sooner or later, one way or another, it needs to be done. Imagine looking forward to ironing, clearing cupboards and wardrobes, washing up, cooking, doing the laundry!

Listening to audiobooks while I’m doing daily chores, actually makes me look forward to the alone time they provide. Imagine reading a heartbreaking romance with a happy ending while you iron, or an action-packed crime thriller while loading the dishwasher and clearing up your kitchen! Priceless moments….

2. The second reason is that audiobooks help me lose weight and keep fit. I love my exercise bike, because I listen to my favourite novels, and it helps me shed those extra pounds, or allows me that occasional extra glass of wine, or piece of cake, because I know I’ll work it off tomorrow.

3. My third reason is that audiobooks make those long journeys more interesting. I can listen in the car, bus, train or plane when I travel or on my daily commute to work. You could read at least a book a week on your commute to work! Wouldn’t that make a book lover happy?

4. You can listen when you’re too tired to read your paperback or screen. Sometimes your eyesight is tired, and although you’d love to read, you don’t feel up to another screen, or you’re just too tired to sit up straight, hold your book and read, so you can lie down and listen to your audiobook. Isn’t that a treat? You can read alternate reading and listening the same book, you’ll always be on the right page!

5. Number five is that the characters and the story come to life, as if you’re watching a film. Audiobook readers are professional. They know how to give the characters the perfect voices so that you can almost see them. It’s another completely new dimension to reading. Although audiobook readers are experts who can do several different voices, I especially love books with different narrators for each character.

6. You can listen on any electronic device, anywhere, anytime. You can download the books you’ve bought onto your device, so that you can read offline. It’s much lighter than carrying several books, and you don’t need a Tablet, you can listen on your mobile.

You can listen when you’re sunbathing, relaxing in the garden, going for a walk, or sitting comfortably anywhere in the world!

7. You can control every aspect of the listening experience. You can control speed, volume, go backwards, forwards, listen to and read the same book alternately, relisten…

8. You can listen to an enormous selection of books, classic novels, contemporary, new releases, all languages. The next book you want to read is probably available as an audiobook, check it out!

Do you need any more reasons to read audiobooks?

Just in case you do, during the month of April, I’m going to give you 26 more reasons, one for each great audiobook I’ve listened to! So there you have my 34 reasons to read audiobooks!

But don’t take my word for it, visit audible and/or Scribd listen to samples, it’s a whole new experience for readers.

What’s your experience as an audiobook reader?

Are you joining in the AtoZ Challenge this year?

If so, what’s your theme?