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This year to celebrate National Poetry Month and to take part in the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, I’ll be posting two poems a day, one written by me and another poem written by one of my favourite poets. The title or first word of both poems will begin with the corresponding letter in the Blogging Challenge.

Today I offer you, I Too, by the great Langton Hughes, and ‘I am the One’ by Luccia Gray.



I, too, sing America. 

I am the darker brother. 

They send me to eat in the kitchen 

When company comes, 

But I laugh, 

And eat well, 

And grow strong. 


I’ll be at the table 

When company comes. 

Nobody’ll dare 

Say to me, 

“Eat in the kitchen,” 



They’ll see how beautiful I am 

And be ashamed— 

I, too, am America.


Langston Hughes photographed by Carl Van Vechten, 1936.

Such a powerful poem, so concisely and clearly expressed. There’s contained rage, assertiveness, self respect and faith in a just future.

We’ve all come a long way, but it’s an ongoing process.


My poem is more intimate. It’s also about being assertive and trusting your imagination and creativity to lead you to the right words to express yourself.

I am the One

I am the one

Who watches you smile,

Whose voice you hear sing,

Whose strong words you crave.

I am the one

Who sees your eyes burning,

Who spurs on your yearning,

Whose words you desire.

I am the one

Who holds your slow pen,

Who writes on your blank page,

Whose brave words will save you.

I am the one.

If you find me,

Hold onto my words,

As you fall





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