#1linewed #1linerweds Twisted

They look may ornamental, but they’re still twisted, iron bars to keep the princess locked in her tower, or perhaps they’re keeping her safe…

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How can I unbend my thoughts,

Twisted like forged iron window grills?

How can I reach the spaces

Trapped between the metal curves?

How can I see the light

Beyond the solid blackness?

How can I melt the unyielding ore and

Unlock the princess in the tower?

Tell me how!

Maybe it’s the beginning of a rainy spring, maybe it’s just that some projects are taking longer than I thought, maybe I’m a little stuck in my WIPs, maybe there are too many WIPs… Probably, it’s just one of those days…


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Carrot Ranch #FlashFiction Challenge November 3: Frozen

This post was written in response to Charli Mills Flash Fiction Challenge over at Carrot Ranch

November 3, 2015 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a frozen story. Is the weather the source of freezing or is a character frozen by emotion or lack of it? It can also be a moment frozen in time. What does it reveal? Respond by November 10, 2015 to be included in the weekly compilation. Rules are here. All writers are welcome!

november-4 Frozen


Here’s my take on the prompt.


Let me tell you why I know I’m making the right decision. I had steady job, a good husband, an oversized house, and a fast car. Everything I needed for an enviable life. Then I received a message from a secret admirer and replied. Soon I started longing for a more creative job, a more supportive husband, a smaller apartment, and a bike. I left my husband, sold my house, and cycle to the coffee shop every day to write my novel. I know I’m right because my inspiration flows. I hadn’t realised I was frozen until I melted.


The ‘secret’ is, of course, finding inspiration and creativity within yourself, and realising that your happiness doesn’t depend on anyone or anything else. It means finding and expressing your needs. There comes a time when you have to impose your rules and your needs, if you can.

Life-changing events are traumatic, and when you’ve got over the struggle, you look back and think, ‘Was that me? How did I ever cope?’ Then suddenly it all makes sense. The paralysis brought about by your blocked, or frozen, mind and body melts. One day, it just happens, and you know it’s over. You’ve won the battle you were waging with your own demons. You’ve melted into someone else, and you’re free!

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Releasing My Angel

The answer to Writer’s block: Releasing my Angel

Writer’s block, at least in my case, is related to a temporary insecurity or creative overload!

It just happened to me recently when I finished my novel, Twelfth Night at Eyre Hall, and my five beta readers, who did not know each other, decided that my ending was not quite right.

I was distraught and totally drained. I was sure I could not add another word to my story. Of course, I was wrong. It did indeed need just a tiny tweak to make it perfect, but where was I to find the energy or creativity to tweak if I was exhausted and completely sapped?

First, I tried to calm down! I took a short break. One day with no talk of the novel. Instead, I immersed myself in the mind numbing tasks of painting, singing, and playing with my grandchildren.

wpid-20150704_103052-1.jpg  wpid-20150705_113015-1.jpg

Then I went back to my ending. I still could not see beyond my last line. I went for a walk and imagined a dialogue between the characters. I even ‘spoke’ to them myself about what could happen, as I often do. It helped me get back into the novel, but still I could not envisage another ending.

Surprisingly, I often dream with the characters and events, and I write it all down when I wake up, before I forget! There is a strong subconscious component in writing which helps me move my stories on. Alas, this time, it did not happen in a dream.

Michelangelo-Angel 1

I love Michelangelo’s quote, ‘I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free’. I often feel that is just what I am doing. Words are an author’s marble, and I have to combine them in the perfect way to disclose, or set free, my angel, or story. The story is there already. My role is to write until I release it. Why couldn’t I release my angel?

Finally, when I am in such a rut, it also helps me to talk to someone about how I feel and try to work it out. In my case, it has to be someone who knows me well and understands my characters and story. It is usually my daughter, who is a great reader and plotter! So, we talked it through, and moved the story on beyond ‘the end’ and way into the future. Pushing the story forward gave me the perspective I needed to look back at my ending.

I sat down and wrote the few more pages that made the end perfect in just a few hours. I had found my angel, at last.

Of course, my real angel is my daughter.

Do you need an angel to overcome your writer’s block? Who is your angel?