A-Z April Blogging Challenge: Theme Reveal!

This year, for the first time, I’ll be taking part in the A-Z April Blogging Challenge.

My theme is going to be: Author Spotlight April 2015.

I’ll be including one author per day, whose name or surname starts with (or exceptionally includes), the corresponding letter for the April Challenge.


Authors will all have a few things in common:

  • They will all be authors whose books I’ve read and enjoyed.
  • They publish independently or with small publishing houses.
  • They’ve started publishing on kindle in the last few years.
  • Many (not all) are debut novels.
  • Their books are on kindle.
  • They agree to being featured.

I want to keep the posts to as close to 600 words as possible, firstly because we’re all busy, and we all want to read as many blogs as possible, so the shorter they are, the more we can read. Secondly because as a result of taking part in Flash Fiction Challenges, I’ve learned (and try hard to apply!) that less is more (Please read my post about what I’ve learned from Flash Fiction) .

Each post will feature a short (150 word) review of their book by me, telling you why I loved it, and the answers to three questions I’ve asked the authors in (under 150 words each).

The post will also include:

  • One of their book covers and one author picture.
  • Links to their Amazon and social network pages.
  • The three questions they’ll be answering are:

Question 1. Pitch your novel. Why should a reader download your book, bearing in mind all those on offer? How is your book different? Engaging? What kind of readers will enjoy it?

Question 2. What are you working on now or what would you like to write about next? Have you started another book? Are you writing anything now? What type of novel is it? Is it different to your previous one, or is it a continuation or part of a series?

Question 3. What would you like readers to know about you?

As most of you know, although I’m a writer, I much prefer reading to writing, as I’ve explained in a previous post, so I’m really excited about being able to tell you about the books I’ve enjoyed this last year, and introducing you to all the wonderful authors 🙂

I love reading, so I love authors: the people who take the time and make the effort to write books for us to read.

On the other hand, it’s not easy connecting with readers, and there are literally millions of books available to be read, so any exposure which allows readers to connect with authors and books they might enjoy is a welcome thing.

I know it’s a very ambitious, but I already have my list of authors, and I’m in the process of contacting them. Many have replied already, so I’m all set, and you?


My eldest grandson, Alejandro.


I enjoy all sorts of books, but there will be mainly historical and contemporary romance, drama, and comedy, as well as thrillers, mystery, and crime fiction, and some literary fiction, too.

Hope you have time to drop by and have a look at the amazing authors who’ll be joining me!

I’ll also be having a look at as many other blogs taking part in the challenge as possible.

Don’t forget to check out some of the other blogs taking part or sign up and join in yourself, there’s still time!

26 thoughts on “A-Z April Blogging Challenge: Theme Reveal!

    1. Not at all, yours will be a great complement 💖🌹 There are a few others who do not fit exactly. I’m very pleased to have you on board.
      I’m sure Spanish speakers would love to be able to read all the great kindle books available.


  1. Great theme to take on and a clever way to stick with the alphabetical listing, too! I look forward to learning about new books! Since getting a Kindle I’ve increased my reading, mostly from this category of indies and small presses. The variety of stories and the fresh voices have been so enjoyable. And a great nod to the benefits of flash fiction. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to sharing my favourite books (the new ones I’ve read last year) and authors with all of you 🙂 There are some fantastic new indie authors out there!


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