Thursday Photo Prompt: ‘Too Bright’ #writephoto #amwriting #poetry

This post was written in response to this week’s Sue Vincent’s Writephoto prompt. Check out Sue’s wonderful blog for more information.

Too Bright

Sometimes the sky’s too bright.

The dazzling light melts our thoughts,

And blinds our minds.

Sometimes a moment of brilliance,

Becomes an instant of glittering madness,

An illusion of eternal clarity,

Spinning our mind into a flash

Of confusion.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget

The lies we heard

And the tears we shed.

They hold the intensity and the radiance,

Of the moment that outshines the pain,

Which never aches,

Because once,

The sky was too bright.


This poem is meant as a tribute to the great Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, from whom I have borrowed the first line of his famous poem: ‘Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright‘.

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  1. Beautiful poem. I think it goes with the photo just perfectly. Thank you for this

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  2. I love your poetry … and yes sometimes the sky is too bright! X

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  3. I love that last line Lucy – wonderful stuff.

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  4. Glad your little one is better it’s always a concern

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  5. This is really gorgeous, Luccia 🙂

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  6. fan poetry at its best Lucy

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  7. A glorious take on the prompt. And, yes, sometimes the bright sky can burn out the pain.

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  8. Beautiful. Love the last two lines. 💖

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  9. I love the way this sounds like a proper poem full of alliteration and assonance and all that good stuff. I’m not so keen on the way the first line seems to be slightly at odds with ‘Because once, the sky was too bright.’ I think it’s because the first line is in the present tense and the last words are in the past tense and that kinda jars me. But then – what do I know! Keep up the good stuff, Luccia. 🙂
    Kindness – Robert.

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