#Writephoto ‘Too Bright’ #Haiku #Poetry

Too Bright

Bright sun conquers Earth

Devouring every pigment

Scared bluebells shiver


This beautiful photograph reminds me of Dylan Thomas’ heartbreaking and powerful poem Sometimes the sky’s too bright.

There are times when the light is too bright and instead of showing you the way, it’s devouring everything, so you can’t see what’s hidden behind it.

Sometimes we need to wait until the sun has mellowed to see what was always there, behind the brightness.

We’re stuck in a rut. Life seems too much, but it isn’t. We often only need to stop, breathe and wait, a short time. The brightness will gradually vanish and we’ll see what’s behind the light isn’t so devastating after all.

A suggestion, while you’re waiting for the brightness to fade, write a poem, a piece of flash fiction, draw a picture, sing a song, dance, read a poem, a story, a novel, go for a walk, ride your bike, take a photo, be creative!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

This post was written in response to Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt


Thursday Photo Prompt: ‘Too Bright’ #writephoto #amwriting #poetry

This post was written in response to this week’s Sue Vincent’s Writephoto prompt. Check out Sue’s wonderful blog for more information.

Too Bright

Sometimes the sky’s too bright.

The dazzling light melts our thoughts,

And blinds our minds.

Sometimes a moment of brilliance,

Becomes an instant of glittering madness,

An illusion of eternal clarity,

Spinning our mind into a flash

Of confusion.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget

The lies we heard

And the tears we shed.

They hold the intensity and the radiance,

Of the moment that outshines the pain,

Which never aches,

Because once,

The sky was too bright.


This poem is meant as a tribute to the great Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, from whom I have borrowed the first line of his famous poem: ‘Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright‘.

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Photo Friday Challenge: Sunlight

When the Sunlight is Too Bright

Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright

Sometimes the sky’s too bright,
Or has too many clouds or birds,
And far away’s too sharp a sun
To nourish thinking of him.

By Dylan Thomas


wpid-20140620_091829-1-1.jpg wpid-20140620_091829-1-1-3.jpg



This year is the centenary of the birth of the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas (Swansea, October 27th 1914)

His poignant poem ‘Sometimes the Sky’s Too Bright’, was part of the so-called notebook poems, written between 1930-1932, because he wrote them in ‘penny notebooks’.

The poet is telling us is that sometimes life is too intense, or our feelings are overwhelming, and in spite of the light, we can’t see things clearly.

Other times, there are dull, or sad moments, when we long for the brightness of the sharp sun which seems so far away…

These photographs capture the moment of the domineering and insistent sun is overpowering our field of vision, so we can’t look at the sky, nor see anything, because its powerful and greedy rays absorb everything in its path.

I prefer a smooth and soothing evening sky myself, tinged with pinks and corals if possible… Don’t you?

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