Photo prompt #writephoto ‘Footsteps’ #Haiku


Every week, Sue posts one of her pictures as a prompt for inspiration in whatever form we choose. Use the image to create your own post and link back to Sue’s post.



Luccia is writing a haiku a day on this years’ AtoZChallenge. Have look!

14 thoughts on “Photo prompt #writephoto ‘Footsteps’ #Haiku

    1. Thanks for your suggestion, Norah ❤
      I tried with so many different words: nowhere, anywhere, somewhere, everywhere, or with place instead of where, but I finally settled for the existentialist idea of the futility of life…where are we going in the long term?

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      1. It was more a thought, than a suggestion, Luccia. Nowhere does portray that futility well. I was thinking of all those who rush headlong anywhere for the sake of rushing and not making a decision. 🙂

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