#SundayWalks ‘Flowers and Patios’ #Tanka #Poems


In ancient gardens

Dismembered, Roman statues

Watch pruned, potted plants

Bursting with fragrance, glowing

In lush, flourishing patios.


I went for a walk to visit the World Heritage Patios Festival in Cordoba, Spain, this morning with my friend Gabriela. What a stunning place to stimulate all my senses!


I hope you were able to take an inspiring walk this Sunday❤


5 thoughts on “#SundayWalks ‘Flowers and Patios’ #Tanka #Poems

    1. 😃 Thanks! It was a bit irreverent to a (real) Roman statue! People come from all over the world every year. This patio, and 90% of them, are only open to the public a week a year. You’re welcome! I’ll gladly show you around🌹🌺🌻🌸🌼


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