Five Reasons not to #Blog if You’re a Writer #BloggersBash2019 #BookBloggers #MondayBlogs

Writers in the dawn of the third millennium have more options to publish, connect and share than any previous generation ever dreamt of, but is blogging worthwhile, or time-consuming and ineffective?

1. Don’t blog if your aim is Isolation. If you don’t want to connect with anyone else, because they might copy or steal your ideas and waste your precious time, blogging’s not for you.

Blogging is for people who want to connect with other writers, readers, and bloggers. Bloggers want to be part of an online community, sharing, learning, being creative, and helping, encouraging and inspiring others.

2. Don’t blog if secrecy and privacy are vital, because if you blog, others might see what you’re doing or find out about your plans.

Blogging is for people who want to make use of the window display to the world which blogging offers. Bloggers want to show others what we think, feel, and write, receive feedback, encouragement, share ideas, maybe inspire other readers, writers and bloggers, too.

3. Don’t blog if you’re an excellent, driven, knowledgeable,  inspired and self-motivated writer who needs no external incentive.

Blogging is for those who aim to improve their writing, because we know it’s an invaluable aid, encouraging us to think about, schedule and hone in on our writing skills, by reading and writing blog posts about our craft.

4. Don’t blog if you’re self-sufficient and self-absorbed. You’ve never needed anyone’s help or advice, and you’re certainly not going to give any away for free.

Blogging is for those who want to become a bigger person by sharing knowledge, opinions, thoughts and work, freely and generously in the blogosphere.

5. Don’t blog if you don’t need virtual friends to have fun, because you have a ‘real’ life with plenty of ‘real’ friends, and you are not interested in meeting, or trust, ‘virtual’ strangers.

Blogging is for those who love meeting other readers and writers, enjoy reading other writers’ opinions, poems, flash fiction, and generally enjoy connecting, networking and interacting with like-minded people. If that’s your idea of fun, the blogosphere is the place for you!



This post was written in response to the 2019 Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition.

Published by LucciaGray

Writer, blogger, teacher, reader and lover of words wherever they are. Author of The Eyre Hall Trilogy, the breathtaking sequel to Jane Eyre. Luccia lives in sunny Spain, but her heart's in Victorian London.

12 thoughts on “Five Reasons not to #Blog if You’re a Writer #BloggersBash2019 #BookBloggers #MondayBlogs

      1. I live in Spain, and although I have a few English speaking friends here, the vast majority of the population are Spanish speakers, so I love chatting to my English speaking virtual friends!

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  1. All very true, and something anyone thinking about blogging should read first. The help and support for my writing that I’ve had from the blogging community have been crucial and so valuable to me. I’d never have gone on to publish two books without their help and support.

    Have you submitted this post to the Bloggers Bash competition via email, Luccia? I haven’t seen it on the list of entries so far. The deadline for entries is at 23:59 (GMT) tonight.

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    1. Thanks Hugh! For your comment and the info. I posted it last night. I’m going to do the paperwork for the entry this afternoon!
      Good luck with your second Glimpses! I loved the first. You know Last Train to Aldwich is my favourite!

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  2. This article was a true eye opener for me. Though I have the want to blog; I don’t practice consistency. I hope to change that. Great article!

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    1. Thank you, Laura. I encourage you start your blog, when you’re ready, once a week is enough to set the ball rolling! Interaction with other bloggers will help you find your way. I cringe at some of my first posts, almost five years ago!


  3. You’ve encapsulated all the reasons I do blog, Lucy. Not so often now as writing seems to be consumptive. I do love to connect with all y’all, though. Made some wonderful friends, you included

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