#NaPoWriMo Day 6 ‘Flowers’ #poetrymonth #April Colleen’s weekly #Tanka #Poetry Challenge #SynonymsOnly


National Poetry Writing Month is a poetry writing challenge to write a poem a day, which takes place every year in April. Follow the link to find out more, be inspired, get daily prompts and meet other poets!

For Day 6, I’m joining in with Colleen Chesebro, also known as the The Faery Whisperer’s, weekly poetry challenge in which she gives us two words, and we have to choose synonyms from those words for our poetry. 

Click on the banner for more information about this fun weekly poetry challenge!

This week’s prompt words are Happy and April, and my synonyms are cheerful and spring.

Spring Smiles

Spring smiles at gravel

Flowers sparkle in your eyes

Cheerful cheeks do blush

Joyful lips grin and giggle

Petals shine brighter than sun


Flowers are always quiet, peaceful and so pretty. It’s impossible to feel upset or angry while looking at flowers, their light shines straight into our hearts.

So, this weekend, look for flowers, they’ll make you smile!

Send me a picture of a flower on twitter and I’ll write you a poem:)


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