#AtoZChallenge ‘S is for #SundayWalks’ #Tanka #PoemADay #PoetryMonth

Sunday Walks

Follow slim footpaths

By the banks of the river,

Breathe moist air. Connect

With the nymph of your childhood,

Refresh heavy thoughts, move on.

I was fortunate enough to take a long, energizing walk with my daughter and grandchildren this morning, along the luscious, verdant path, by the banks of the river.

Memorable moments. 

I hope you had time to take a restoring walk this Sunday.

#SundayWalks ‘Distractions’ #SilentSunday #PoemADay #PoetryMonth


Yet I stoop to capture

Every single

Luscious plant, which

Lures me towards its extra

Ordinary shade of yellow. Distracting

Wildflowers enticing me along another path.


Distractions are highly underrated.

Daily routines, work, commitments, and the demands of everyday life emphasise that I should focus on objectives and make sure I complete my ‘to do list’ without any distractions.

I disagree. I need to make time for myself and cross items off my ‘to be list’ (more on to do and to be lists here).

Walking, observing my surroundings, taking photos of anything which catches my eye, and writing poems, are some of my favourite distractions.

And now, back to my to do list. Monday is only a few hours away!

Which are your favourite distractions?  

#writephoto ‘Don’t Look Back’ #FlashFiction #100Words

I hear their moans and eerie cacophony, louring me towards the grey arches.

Don’t look back!

My heels speed along as I count the pavement tiles, forty-five, forty-six, forty-seven…

A few more steps.

If I can reach the end of the alley I’ll be safe.

Don’t look into their eyes!

They’ll not chase me in broad daylight.

Keep walking.

They dare not leave the shadowy cloisters.

One more step.

I can almost grasp the daylight.


But a cloud drapes the sun and I’m plunged into darkness.

‘Stay,’ he begs and I look into his eyes as he sinks his fangs.


This flash was written in response to Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt. Want to join in?


I’m not a big fan of vampire novels, but following my daughter’s recommendation, I’ve just started reading Erica Stevens latest Vampire trilogy, Fire and Ice. Book 1 is free so I thought I’d give it a go! I’ll be letting you know how it goes.

I read and reviewed some of her Captive series novels in an earlier post here some time ago, book 1 is free, too in case you want to try it out. I’ve read and can recommend it, if you like paranormal.

Do you enjoy reading about Vampires?

Any recommendations?


#writephoto ‘Forever’ #FlashFiction


It’s the perfect place and time, sunless, solitary, and silent.

We’re shadows gliding over the lake, blowing ripples, before we dive into our last baptism.

My arms, wrapped around your urn and one last kiss as we sink into the lake.

Ready for our rebirth.


This post was written in response to Sue Vincent’s weekly photo prompt. Why not check it out and join in?