#ThursdayDoors ‘Calle Alfonso XII’ #Cordoba #Spain

I took these photos this morning on my way to work, walking along the Street Alfonso XII in Cordoba, Old Town.

This first building has an open archway, which must have once had a large wooden door, but now it has only a cast iron door leading to the central patio and a building which has been converted into small flats. It used to be a grand house.

The second doors below belong to a primary school. There is an outer wooden door and an inner cast iron one leading into the patio and classrooms.   


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#ThursdayDoors ‘No Intruders’ #Haiku #Spain

Thursday Doors is a weekly feature, hosted by Norm 2.0 allowing door lovers to come together to admire and share their favorite door photos from around the world. 

These are some of the gates I saw on a recent walk. It’s along a street called Avenida del Brillante, in Cordoba, Spain, which could be translated as Diamond Avenue. It was given the name because many wealthy jewellers used to live here. I’m not sure if the owners are still jewellers, but the houses are still grand!

The gates are definitely meant to keep intruders out, wouldn’t you say? But some things find their way inside despite the gates…

No Intruders

Iron bars, tall gates

Guard homes, castles, and kingdoms.

Saucy wind floats in.


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