#FridayPhoto ‘Walls’ #Photooftheday ‘Home Sweet Home’

Within city walls
Streets are calm,
Houses safe,
Home sweet home.

Cruel worlds lie beyond,
Banish pain,
Exile joy,
Home sweet home.


Within These Walls Home Sweet Home.

As I was walking by the ancient walls of the city of Cordoba, first built by the Roman founders of the city, around the second century, and later reinforced by subsequent conquerors from central Europe, the Visigoths,  later Muslims from North Africa, and finally the Spanish Monarchs from the north of the country, I was wondering about our need to conquer and feel safe from subsequent conquerors.

We have been building walls around our houses and cities for centuries and and now, two thousand years on, we still need to feel safe. Now the enemy is a virus, not an army, but we still retreat back within our walls, because the safety we perceive in the prison of our own making, is more important than the  happiness we give up by not venturing outside.
Home sweet home.

#AtoZChallenge ‘V is for Vault’ #Tanka #NaPoWriMo #PoetryMonth

Gothic Vaults
Double arches hold
Gothic vaults pointing to sky.
Carved stone capitals
On proud marble columns guard
Centuries of synergy.



The Mosque-Cathedral in Cordoba, was originally a Visigothic Catholic Church, shared with Muslim invaders for religious rites until 784, when it was solely used as a Muslim place of worship, until 1236, when it was again used as a Catholic church.

In 1523, Emperor Charles I, approved a project to refurbish the now fragile Mosque-Church and integrate a Christian Cathedral within its walls.

The architect, Hernán Ruiz (believed to have been born in Cordoba in 1514), integrated existing elements of the original Mosque with late Gothic architecture.

The Cathedral was inserted with great architectural precision and artistry. Both Muslim and Christian spaces merge beautifully in two seemingly opposing places.

In the first picture you can see the lateral nave. New Gothic vaults are supported by double arches, and below marble columns, many of which are of Roman origin.

A magnificent building which houses the synergy of well over a thousand years of history, art, culture and religions.

If any of you ever visit Cordoba, let me know. I’d love to show you around the Old Town!


This year is my fourth AtoZ Challenge. My theme this year is poetry once again. I’ll be writing a haiku a day, but I’m also adding a new hobby to the posts, photography. I will post one of my photos, or a donated photo, every day to accompany my haiku (today I’ve posted a Tanka instead of a Haiku).

This April, I’ll also be sharing my poems and joining another group of poets at National Poetry Writing Month, organised since 2003 by Maureen Thorson. Write 30 poems in 30 days. I’m in! What about you?