#ThursdayDoors #Tanka ‘Come inside’ #Haiku ‘Open Doors’

#Tanka Come Inside

Stop, please come inside

and see, the treasures I’ve kept

just for you to see.

Some are carefully hidden,

Surprises await inside.


I love wandering around the streets of new, and known, towns and cities. I always look out for doors for this challenge!

And because I’m a curious and creative writer, I always wonder what’s beyond an open door…

#Haiku Open Doors

wandering the streets

peeking behind open doors

looking for treasures


I took the first three photos in Cordoba and the last two in Reinosa, both cities are in Spain.

Do pop over to Norm’s Blog, #ThursdayDoors host, to join in or to check out other fabulous doors from around the world!

Hope you’re having a fabulous Thursday!



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