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I read a lot of psychological thrillers, historical and literary fiction, and personal growth books, so I alternate with light and/or steamy romance, although romantic comedies are my favourite type of escapist fiction. I love stepping into a fairytale world where happy ever afters are guaranteed, after a tiny bit of angst and a few misunderstandings or some suspense…

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It’s all Cary Grant’s fault, he taught me to love romantic comedies, Audrey Hepburn is also guilty, as Charade (1963) is my favourite and if you haven’t seen it you’re in luck, because you can still watch this timeless, suspenseful, romantic comedy, which is also a thriller, set in Paris (where else?), for the first time!

But, back to today’s featured novel. I’ve recently discovered Australian author, Sally Thorne, who has written two bestselling novels so far, The Hating Game (2016) and 99% Mine (2019). I enjoyed them both. Today I’m reviewing her first novel, The Hating Game. Amazon.com link below.

The Hating Game: A Novel by [Sally Thorne]

From the Blurb

Lucy Hutton and Joshua Templeman work together and they hate each other. They have no problem displaying their feelings through a series of ritualistic passive aggressive maneuvers as they sit across from each other, executive assistants to co-CEOs of a publishing company. Lucy can’t understand Joshua’s joyless, uptight, meticulous approach to his job. Joshua is clearly baffled by Lucy’s overly bright clothes, quirkiness, and Pollyanna attitude. The tension grows when they both apply for the same promotion.

My Review

The Hating Game is a fun office romance, in which two colleagues who hate each other intensely, mainly due to their opposing personalities and life experiences, find themselves competing for the same promotion. They both desperately want the job for personal and professional reasons. As a result, the tension between Lucy and Joshua reaches its boiling point, and that’s when they discover that they don’t hate each other after all, but can they trust each other?

The premise doesn’t sound new or riveting, but I assure you it is a highly entertaining read. Their daily banter is entertaining, and the way their relationship gradually develops from enemies to lovers, as well as the expected resolution of the problem and happy ever after, is as believable as it is adorable.

I admit I was in the mood for a light, fun, romance and that was exactly what I got! The Hating Game is well written with engaging characters, for me that means I just kept turning the pages and hardly noticed a few hours had passed. In fact, I read it twice, once on my kindle and once on audible.

I must tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed the audiobook version. Did I tell you I love listening to audiobooks while I’m cooking, cleaning, working out or doing my laundry? It makes chores such fun!  


By the way, Lucy Hale and Robbie Amell are going to star in the film based on novel. More information about the movie here-

So, if you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy, you’ll love The Hating Game! Amazon UK link below.

Colouring by my granddaughter, Elsa.



This Tanka is for Colleen Chesebro’s challenge.  This week we are using synonyms of ‘bewitch’ and ‘treasure’.

Picture taken in the Hall of the Hotel Real in Segovia, Spain.

Seduced by a Star

Seduced by Cary

Even playing the villain

My favourite star

Spellbound by his wit and charm

Perfect English gentleman


Cary Grant, Sophia Loren and Frank Sinatra, among others, stayed at the Hotel Real in Segovia, Spain, in 1956, while filming The Pride and the Passion (1957).

Cary, who was married at the time to Betsy Drake, fell in love, or lust, with Sophia during the filming, but she was in love with Carlo Ponti, whom she married shortly after.

Rumour has it that Cary continued to pursue Sophia during subsequent films in which they co-starred, but Sophia is said to have rejected him every time.  


View from the rooftop, Hotel Real in Segovia

I didn’t know about any of this when I arrived at the hotel, I hadn’t even planned to stay in Segovia. It was a last minute decision on my way home to Cordoba. I was naturally thrilled to find so much memorabilia in the hotel and to imagine that these two actors walked along the hall, perhaps up the stairs, and looked out over the roof top terrace to see the very same view of the city I saw a few days ago. 

Rooftop, solarium at Hotel Real, Segovia.

I’m aware thar Archie Leach was far from a perfect gentleman, but Cary Grant will always be my favourite actor, because I’ll never tire of watching Charade, North by Northwest, My Cousin Rachel, Notorious, To Catch a Thief... all unforgettable. 

Charade movieposter.jpg

 By the way, Segovia is a magical city and I’ll be posting more pictures of my visit tomorrow on ‘Sunday Walks’.


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