#AtoZChallenge ‘T is for Three Trees’ #Haiku #NaPoWriMo #PoetryMonth

Tree 1

Tired branches twist

While sun breaks through dangling leaves

Proud tree weeps alone


Tree 2

Buttercups look up  

Weary olive tree recalls

When it bloomed in spring


Tree 3

Lofty palm tree sways

Leaves scrape salmon tinged dusk sky

A feast for my eyes


This year is my fourth AtoZ Challenge. My theme this year is poetry once again. I’ll be writing a haiku a day, but I’m also adding a new hobby to the posts, photography. I will post one of my photos, or a donated photo, every day to accompany my haiku.

This April, I’ll also be sharing my poems and joining another group of poets at National Poetry Writing Month, organised since 2003 by Maureen Thorson. Write 30 poems in 30 days. I’m in! What about you?