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I love this flyer, well it’s a brochure really, with the kid’s mother and grandmother, but where are the men in the family???

Christmas Presents

Flyers everywhere,

Come buy our toys on offer!

Children’s paradise.

It’s the time for toys! Parents, and in my case grandparents, spend hours searching for the perfect Christmas present in flyers and shops, asking children to write letters to Santa and promising he’ll bring the selected presents, of course.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about this pretence, although I’ve mostly played along. I’m no Scrooge!

I know from my children and grandchildren that they love the anticipation and surprise, and when they’re very little, I’d say under 5 or 6, they tend to believe in the fairy tale, and that’s sweet, but, there comes a time when they no longer believe in magic, and yet, both parents/grandparents and children keep up the pretence for a few more years, just because….they can….they both agree to play along….

I’m not sure, even today, as I wrap my grandchildren’s presents (yes, I bought them early on special offer! I have four grandchildren!), how I feel about this. I mean the idea that you ask for something, wait for the set date and get it, or not, on Santa’s whim. What about preparation, effort, and hard work rewarded? Where does that come into the equation?

Although most parents/grandparents threaten to tell Santa if the kids are naughty and don’t deserve a present, but do they do so, or even intend to do so?

Christmas presents for adults are a different story, altogether, but more about that in another post.

Stream of Consciousness rant over.

How do you feel about Christmas presents for children?

By the way, this post was written in response to Linda Hill’s weekly prompt, pop over to her blog and join in or read other entries. The topic for today is flyer/ad

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction: Turquoise

This week’s Carrot Ranch 99-word flash fiction is on the topic of turquoise. 

Some years ago, I visited a Ute Reservation, and I bought a turquoise stone necklace as a present for a friend. She has beautiful blue-turquoise-blue eyes, and the minute I saw the gem, I thought of her. I know her well, so I was sure she’d like it, unlike the person in my flash!

Presents are wonderful tokens which bring us close to the people we love and appreciate. Giving is as rewarding as receiving, and thoughtfulness is more important than any other consideration, such as price. The better you know the person, the easier it is to find just the right present, but it doesn’t always work out. Read on…




“What’s your mother’s favorite color, Chelsea?”
He smiled. I rolled my eyes and supposed Tom was trying to bond with that gross question.
He’s been dating my mother for months, and he still doesn’t know her favorite color? Don’t they ever talk?
“Turquoise. Get her a necklace, with matching bracelet and earrings.” 


So I bought Alice the necklace, bracelet, earrings and a pair of turquoise sandals, too, hoping to gain Chelsea’s approval.
I realized something was terribly wrong when Alice opened the presents, gasped and giggled.
“We need to talk about Chelsea,” she sighed and patted my hand lovingly.




Turquoise is one of the oldest gems known to man. It has adorned the rulers of Ancient Egypt, Aztecs, Persians, Mesopotamia, and China. It was not introduced to Europe until the 14th century, probably through the Silk Road through Turkey.

One of the most famous turquoise adornments Is Tutankhamun’s burial mask which was adorned with rings and necklaces which were set in gold, with inlaid turquoise stones.

One question about my flash:

You probably noticed there were two first person narrators. Does this work with such a short piece of fiction?