Carrot Ranch #FlashFiction Chellenge ‘Balloons’ #99Words


We love you.

We miss you.

At sunrise, all the children gathered in the playground to release their helium-filled balloons. Each carried a personalized message begging their classmate to come home.

‘How long will it take for Silvia to get the messages?’ Her best friend asked the teacher.

‘That’s hard to say,’ she replied, ‘but I’m sure she will receive them.’

‘When will she come back?’ Asked another worried child.

‘She may not come back, but she’ll know how much we all love and miss her,’ said the teacher, hoping one of the balloons would soften the kidnapper’s heart.


Sometimes there’s not much we can do against evil and injustice, except hope our positive messages and vibrations reach their destination…
This post was written in response to Charli Mills weekly Flash Fiction Challenge.


#Writephoto ‘Endless Sunsets’ #FlashFiction

Endless Sunsets

Jack sat by the window.
Tears slid down his deep wrinkles, splashing onto his black suit.
 “What will I do without you?” he beseeched the fiery sunset.
“Remember the glorious skies we watched together.” He heard her voice echoing in his mind. “Now we’ll be watching endless sunsets.”
He spun round, swinging his arms in the air in frustration. “It’s not enough. I can’t see you or touch you!”
“Feel me in your heart,” she whispered as he held his hand over his chest and implored the crimson heavens to take care of the love of his life.

Thanks to Sue Vincent’s weekly photo challenge #Writephoto for hosting and organising this weekly photo prompt. Why not join in?


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