AtoZ Blogging Challenge April 2022. C is for Chris Williamson @ChrisWillx and Closer to Truth @ClosertoTruth on @YouTube

YouTube Channels and Youtubers for writers and everyone else!

I’m joining the AtoZ challenge sharing YouTube channels and Youtubers I follow as an independent author, researcher, learner, reader, and someone who is interested in emotional growth and physical wellbeing, as well as entertainment and current affairs.

I’ve enjoyed watching YouTube videos for years, but in 2020, when the pandemic broke out in Europe and the first lockdown was imposed as a security measure in most countries, I decided to go Premium on YouTube and I started watching even more videos on a wide variety of entertaining and informative topics, which I’d like to share with you over the coming month. I hope you enjoy! 

Today’s two featured YouTubers and channels illustrate the incredible variety you can find on this social media. I’m going to introduce you to a 27-year old model and club promoter from Newcastle, who took part in the first season of the reality show, Love Island, in the UK, and to another channel neuroscientists, physicists and philosophers are in search of consciousness, the cosmos, and the meaning of life. Both channels are inspiring and engaging because both of them offer insightful interviews with guest speakers.

Let’s start with Chris Williamson. His channel has playlists on relationships, life hacks, and modern Wisdom clips, which are snippets of conversations with experts on a variety of topics, as well as longer conversations.

I enjoy his insights into male psychology, because I’m over sixty and still trying to understand the modern male psyche, which is vital for a writer! This conversation on The manosphere, a collection of websites, blogs, and online forums promoting masculinity against feminism, was eye opening and thought provoking.

The next blog I’m featuring is Closer to Truth which I usually enjoy, although I must admit sometimes the complex interweaving of science and philosophy goes way over my head! Robert Lawrence Kuhn, author of 25 books on business strategy, finance, science and philosophy, asks complex and provocative questions to his illustrious guests. Most of his videos are usually between ten minutes and twenty minutes, which is a perfect length, especially if, like me, you need to listen to twice, sometimes!

This is a great video about What is time? He interviews experts and academics on the subject.

One of his most recent videos in which he interviews Richard Gott, professor of astrophysics at Princeton. is called ‘Why Did Our Universe Begin?’, is one of the episodes which were harder for me to grasp.

I hope you found these channels interesting or useful, and if you want to check out what other bloggers are writing about this month in the AtoZ Blogging Challenge check them out on Twitter , Facebook, or Instagram.

Meanwhile, I hope you’re enjoying this snowy April! (At least it’s unusually snowy in Europe for this time of year).

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#Easter #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge ‘Treasure Hunt’

This Tanka is for Colleen Chesebro’s weekly challenge.

Photos by @LucciaGray

Long ago once more

Chocolate eggs and treasure hunts

Cast a childhood spell

Life cycles into seasons

My turn to hide sweets for you!


Would you like to take part? The rules are simple.

Use synonyms of Colleen’s two-word prompt, this week, charm and time, write blog post using one of the following poetic forms: haiku, tanka, Haibun, cinquaine or senryu.

Add a picture if you like. Pingback to Colleen’s blog post.

Thursday Photo Prompt #WritePhoto #NationalPoetryMonth ‘Shore’ #amwriting #poem ‘I am the sand’

This poem was written in response to Sue Vincent’s weekly Thursday Photo Prompt. Check out Sue’s wonderful blog for more information.


I Am The Sand

I am the sand,

Trapped in your hourglass.

Seeping smoothly down your neck.

You can tip me up or down,

Stopping the flow of my grains,

But you cannot hold time.


He is the sea,

Pushing forward mercilessly,

Like the hands on a clock,

Stopping for no one,

Caring for nothing,

Overwhelming us all.


He is persistent and I am compliant,

He’s unrelenting, while I am forgiving,

His waves are strong and tenacious,

He overpowers me with his demands,

He will flood my beaches and erode our world.

And you, you will sit and watch, helplessly.


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Another 5***** Review of All Hallows at Eyre Hall!

My third 5***** review is up on Amazon!

I’m thrilled….I feel spoilt by these wonderful and well written reviews!

Not only have the reviewers taken the time to read my novel, but they have also found the time and patience to put pen to paper and write thorough and thoughtful reviews which are invaluable to the author and helpful for other readers.


I took this picture one morning this winter, on my way to work. The air was crisp, and the moon, still visible in the cloudless morning sky, reminded me how lucky I was to be witnessing the event, and feeling inspired to take a picture and capture the moment. I coloured it and added the caption on Picasa.

“Time is the most precious gift you can give to someone,because if you give someone your time. It’s a part of your life that you will never get back.”

This quote has been attributed to various authors, among them: Gloria Tesch and Rick Warren, but I’ve heard it in many languages, many years ago, so I don’t know who said it first or where he/she came from.

In any case, I’d like to thank all the generous people, who offer other generous people their time, reading their books, writing reviews, listening to their problems, giving advice, and just ‘being available’ by offering their time to someone else, expecting nothing in exchange.

Thank you.

Please click on the book cover to read the review.