#SundayWalks Last Day of #January #Haiku ‘7 things that happened in January’

Blue sky, bare branches,

Last day of January,

Why am I not sad? 

Seven things that happened in January 

Lots of things happened in January, but here are seven I’d like to share with you!  

  1. My six-month-old grandson laughed for the first time when he saw me on a phone screen!
  2. My brilliant daughter completed her Master’s Thesis.
  3. I’ve planned my blog posts for the next few months.
  4. I’ve prepared a goal journal with my goals and strategies for 2021.  
  5. My supportive and insightful editor returned my manuscript of Blood Moon at Eyre Hall. 
  6. I sent query letters, synopsis and first pages of The Ghost Wife, a contemporary romantic suspense, to four literary agents.
  7. I’ve watched the four seasons of The Last Kingdom on Netflix and started reading the books by Bernard Cornwell.

How was your January?


#ThursdayPhotoThoughts #Haiku ‘Infinite Rituals’ #January2021 @Pixabay

An apple a day

A simple, delicious treat

The taste of childhood.


There was an apple tree in my garden when I lived in Harrow, over forty years ago, so apples were a staple part of my diet. My mother made apple crumble, apple pie, baked apples with cream or custard, and countless other types of cooked apple recipes. We also ate plenty of raw apples. I have no idea how my mother managed to keep them, but we ate apples from our tree all year round!

I still enjoy eating apples and usually eat an apple a day. In fact, apples are the most constant thing in my life. I ate them as a child and still do so, even though I now live in Spain, where oranges are the queen of all fruits. I also have oranges every day, usually as juice, but apples have always been there and I can’t imagine not eating apples for the rest of my life. It’s not about the taste, smell, texture, vitamins or fibre. Every time I eat an apple, my past present and future merge into a timeless and boundless ritual. So simple and so real.


Image by ejausburg on Pixabay

I’ve noticed I get an email from Pixabay on Thursdays with an image. Pixabay is a wonderful site where many generous amateur and professional photographers offer their photos at no cost (there are also photos you have to pay for).

Thursday is a good day for thinking. In fact, it’s the exact middle of the week. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday have flown by, probably full of work, obligations and general business, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are days we anticipate with joy, because they hold the promise of some free time for relaxation, friendship, family and hobbies. Thursday is an ideal day to stop and reflect on the past three days and prepare for the three days to come, or write about anything the image suggests. I’m not planning on stream-of-consciousness, because although it’s an unplanned post based on a random picture, I’ll edit my thoughts and words.

I don’t need a reason to write, in fact I have to force myself to stop writing at regular intervals, just to move my limbs, and interact with the rest of the world! But I do need a reason to stop and reflect for a few minutes, so the middle of the week and a random Pixabay photo are the ideal combination.

Feel free to join in! Grab the hashtag, photo and share your post in the comments. I’d love to read your thoughts.

What do apples mean to you? Which childhood food do you still love and eat regularly?

#Haiku ‘Resilience’ #ThursdayPhotoThoughts #January2021

Photo from Pixabay

I received this image as a recommendation from Pixabay, which is a wonderful site where many generous amateur and professional photographers offer their photos at no cost (there are also photos you have to pay for).

The image immediately brought words and thoughts to my mind, which I’ve captured and made into a haiku.

January has always been a tough month for me for many reasons, mainly the anticlimax after the Christmas and New Year Holidays, the return to work, the cold temperatures, and this year there is the added challenge because of covid restrictions and worries.

Fortunately, there are only ten more days to get to February, a nice, short month which leads on to March and the promise of spring. So hang on in there!

This January I’m giving myself time to plan. I’m still organising the year ahead, trying to establish and follow a blog and writing schedule, as well as a daily routine that works for me. But it’s an ongoing process because there’s a lot on my plate; a new novel in my Eyre Hall series and a box set, new blog features, looking into traditionally publishing a contemporary romantic thriller I finished last year, and so on.

I’m sowing seeds, despite the snow. Who knows which ones will grow and when? But life’s like that, nothing is guaranteed and yet everything is possible. That’s January for you!

How is your January going?