#AtoZChallenge ‘D is for Dew’ #Haiku #NaPoWriMo #PoetryMonth

Photo by Aurora Serrano, friend, colleague and enthusiastic teacher of Spanish Language and Literature.


Dew gathers on grass,

Sliding over joyful blades,

One drop at a time.


This year is my fourth AtoZ Challenge. My theme this year is poetry once again. I’ll be writing a haiku a day, but I’m also adding a new hobby to the posts, photography. I will post one of my photos, or a donated photo, every day to accompany my haiku.

This April, I’ll also be sharing my poems and joining another group of poets at National Poetry Writing Month, organised since 2003 by Maureen Thorson. Write 30 poems in 30 days.

I’m in! What about you?

#WordlessWednesday & #1LinerWeds on Life and Coffee

I’ve just discovered via Twitter, that there’s a Blog called Create With Joy which hosts, among other events,  #WordlessWednesday. There’s a badge and a linky at the end of Joy’s the post and there’s a Facebook and Twitter connection, too. So, I’ll be joining in. The only rule seems to be ‘sharing family-friendly photos’. Sounds fun and easy. Most entries have some text, too, but I’ll be keeping it to the minimum.


This week, I’ve been looking over my holiday photos, and I was thinking how the basic, simple things in life bring us the greatest pleasure. Water. Looking at pure, clean, fresh water has a calming effect.

These pictures were taken standing at the edge of one of the largest dams in Spain ‘El Pantano del Ebro’ in Cantabria. There’s a little beach ‘Playa de Arija‘, where people can swim, too, and there’s a camping site. Well worth a visit if you’re ever in the north of Spain.




As usual, I’m going to be linking #WordlessWednesday to #1LinerWeds on Linda G. Hill’s blog, which I’ve been taking part in on and off.


I’m joining both this week. Lind’s 1-liner is C is for Coffee.

I love Jim Carey. He’s funny, he’s intelligent, he’s caring and I love the things he says in his inspirational talks.

I love this quote, which has some relation to coffee 🙂 but it’s really about not taking anything or anyone for granted and remembering there’s a time limit to everything.

I wake up some mornings and sit and have my coffee and look out at my beautiful garden, and I go, ‘Remember how good this is. Because you can lose it.’

Jim Carey


While I’m working, one of the best moments in my mornings is my coffee break, when I chat to my colleagues and sometimes my students (I teach adults, so we often have a coffee and a chat during the break). The reason’s not because I don’t like my job (I love it), but because I love speaking and listening to people informally.

I enjoy those brief moments (20-30 minute break) of relaxed and real conversation, which inspire me as a writer. No wonder those 18th century coffee shops contributed to the Enlightenment and the rise of the novel…

Anyone else for coffee?



Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: Water

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I love the sea. I’ve probably taken more photos of the sea than of anything else! I love these pictures because they capture foamy and furious waves near the shore. There I am mesmerized by the view…
They were taken in the seaside town of Santander in the north of Spain by the Cantabrian Sea which is a gulf off the northeast Atlantic Ocean. The original Cantabri were a pre-Roman Celtic people who lived in the Peninsula known as Hispania from the 4th to late 1st centuries BC. Regarded as savage and untamable mountaineers, the Cantabri warriors defied the Roman legions although they were finally Romanized.
Even today they are known for their independent spirit and love of freedom, like the waters which mercilessly beat against their shores… My ancestors were born there, and some of my close family still live there, so I can vouch for their courageous and independent nature… perhaps I have even inherited some of these characteristics myself!

By the way, my WordPress profile picture was taken there, too!

http://ceenphotography.com/fun-foto-challenge/ Drop by and have a look at the other entries!